Fashion Must Have: Faux Fur

The faux fur is one of those coats that can not miss in our closets. The coldest time of year is coming and we can choose to keep warm without using fur produced from animals. Especially in this season, faux fur has become a must have. The fur will be the masterpiece that does not therefore require further additions of  colors and conspicuous accessories. For the winter is the ideal item to avoid the usual bomber jacket, especially when we should dress in a more formal and elegant way. It is the ideal model if we want to take part in a ceremony, or to an event that requires an elegant style.  So it’s perfect to protect us from the cold and  also very trendy without being cruel. It is a real craze, being a readily available again, for all budgets and very versatile.

As we well know fur is generally trumpery so, it must be the main item in your outfit, leave all the rest very simple.  Trumpery and not showy: so don’t  be undue but be sure of wearing a simple outfit with your fur, such us a classic jeans and a shirt or a  total black item.  So, even if it seems difficult to match and not very portable we should think that in our wardrobe, especially in winter, tends to be dominated by dark colors, above all black. In this way our fur will be the focus point of our outfits,

For this season we a great  variety of ecological furs form catwalks. It ranges from the long to the short fur, from that to the double-breasted. The colors and patterns are varied.

There are also eco fur in pastel colors, from pink to turquoise. We have seen some animalier fantasy. About length it’s very important that our fur should be long but  does not exceed the knee. The long models are suitable for all the looks, can also be worn with jeans and trousers, but also with skirts and dresses.

Regarding some tips for wearing the faux fur you should know that it’s better  to avoid massive fur or too short otherwise, especially if you’re not so tall. In this way  you will  get an even more short effect. You should also remember that fur is not usually  being  slim-fit  and then cinched at the waist, so it’s better to avoid them if you have some extra padding in the waist.

Discover with us the ecological furs and the trendy models, a kind of chic and sustainable eco fashion at the same time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • 1  Reniaa Chevron Faux Fur Coat, buy here: Ted Baker

  • 2 Patchwork Faux fur coat, buy here: TopShop

  • 3 Faux Fur Coat, buy here: Shrimps

  • 4 Faux Fur Fire and Ice Jacket, buy here : Unreal Fur

  • 5  Petite Katie Faux Fur Coat, shop here: Boohoo

  • 6 Kinsley oversized striped faux fur coat, shop here: Alice+Olivia

  • 7 Long Fake Fur Grey Coat, shop here: Betta Corradi

  • 8 Faux Fur Coat, shop here: Shrimps

  • 9 Lassie faux-fur coat, shop here: Shrimps

  • 10 faux fur jacket, shop here: Twin-Set

  • 11 Margery Faux Fur Coat, shop here: Shrimps

  • 12 Crop Faux Fur Coat, shop here: Topshop

  • 13 Leopard Faux-Fur Coat, shop here: Mango

  • 14 Geo striped faux fur coat, shop here: J.Crew

  • 15 Alexia Faux-Fur Coat. shop here: Reiss

  • 16 Leopard Faux Fur Dolly Coat, shop here: Miss Selfridge

  • 17 Leopard Faux Fur Coat with Pom Poms, shop here: QED London

  • 18 Luxe Faux Fur Coat, shop here: TopShop

  • 19 Faux fur jacket, shop here:  Michael Kors

  • 20 Animal Print Faux Fur Coat, shop here: Oasis

  • 21 Blush Faux Fur Porgie Coat, shop here: Shrimps

  • 22 Hocus Faux Fur Coat, shop here: Someday Lovin

  • 23 Fur-Free-Fur Leopard-Print Chubby Coat, shop here: Stella McCartney



  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of these kind of coats before but I am getting into them lately, lovely post! Your blog is really amazing by the way, you seem really lovely.. hopefully we can keep in touch, I love making new blog friends! x

    Liked by 1 person

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