The Daily Find: Delvaux Bag

Bags are one of the most loved items from women.  And we perfectly know that we can’t live without them and we keep on collecting every kind of bag.

Here you are one of the coolest bag of the moment: this  Delvaux Women’s Tempête MM Satchel.

This bag has become a cult piece for every fashion-addicted.

It is not only amazing but also very cut-glass because is handmade, and very practical.

You can find three fantastic colors for every woman taste.

This item is  definitely need to be in every wardrobe.


Shop Here:

  1. Delvaux Piment (red) smooth calfskin Tempête MM satchel.;
  2. Delvaux camel smooth calfskin Tempête MM satchel.
  3. Delvaux’s Tempête MM satchel lime green smooth calfskin.
  4. Delvaux light green patent leather Tempête MM satchel.
  5. Delvaux black supple grained calfskin Tempête MM satchel.

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