Wish List Of The Week

Here we are again with our weekly wish list. This time is a very special wish list since we have choosen bags that we always dream of. This  it bags are masterpieces of three notorious designers: Chanel, Gucci and Michael Kors.


Firstly you will find a brand and its faboulus bags  which dont’ need of any introduction. We are talking about Chanel! From amazing Chanel small classic black flap bag (every fashion victim wishes to have it in her own wardrobe) to the Chanel Baby pink lambskin classic flap shoulder bag (and don’t forget a Creme quilted caviar leather Chanel Classic Maxi Double Flap Bag) you surely won’t go unnoticed.



You Can Find These Amazing Bag here:  1) Chanel Small Classic Double Flap Bag  2) Chanel Caviar Maxi Single Flap Bag  3) Chanel Vintage Small Chevron ‘Boy’ Bag



If we think about amazing bags  we can not do without mentioning Gucci. His bags are type of elegance from ever. You have tree choises: a  classic Gucci  Dionisus GG supreme canvas shoulder bag with hand-painted edges, or Gucci  GG Marmont Leather Top-Handle Bag (we have choosen this color because it’s amazing) or finally this wonderful tropical printed shoulder bag. Whatever you choose you will definitely stylish



You Can Find These Amazing Bag here: 1)  Gucci GG Marmont Leather Top-Handle Bag  2) Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Small Shoulder Bag, Red  3) Gucci Dionysus Medium Tropical-Print Shoulder Bag, Black/Multi


To complete our list, if we deals about what is the most popular it is definitely a Michael Kors bag! You can find a classic Michael Kors Mercer black Leather Satchel (every woman has the right to have it),a particoular Medium Chain Shoulder Bag and a a golden shimmering small metallic brocade shoulder bag.



You Can Find These Amazing Bag here:  1)  Micjael Kors Collection Yasmeen Small Metallic Brocade Shoulder Bag  2) Michael Michael Kors Jenkins Stud Sloan Editor Medium Chain Shoulder Bag 3) Michael Michael Kors Mercer Leather Satchel


Obviously the choice is yours, but we are sure that with one of those it bags  you will gettin’ right.

Written By Donatella and Giovanna!!






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