How To Wear Stripes On Stripes

Hey Girls! Today we want to talk about a ever  fashion trend: stripes. As we know stripes are a evergreen  and  timeless fashion item.

Stripes are one of the most evident trend of this Spring Summer. But which is the greatest  breath of fresh air? Oh great, we can match Stripes on stripes. One of the pioneer of this fashion trend was Sienna Miller showing us aw cool we should  be with different juxtaposition of Stripes. So, not only one way of stripe but different creative styles. 

I’m suggesting ten  outfit ideas about how to wear this trend!!!


Mix de listras:
source pinterest
Image taken by Tommy Ton:
source pinterest
#pants #fashion #style+:
source pinterest
J.Crew women's spring/summer 2016 collection.:
source pinterest
#stripes #cuteshit:
source pinterest
stripes on stripes on stripes!:
source pinterest
musings in femininity.:
source pinterest
stripes over stripes:
souce pinterest
souce pinterst
Sienna Miller / Stripes on Stripes:
source pinterest

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